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IRS 8949 Form Printable

Capital Gains and Losses

Officially titled Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets Definition, document was introduced by the Internal Revenue Service and is thus part of the IRS document set. A common Form 8949 example use case is someone who sells an artwork. Since artworks are classified as assets, this person will most probably need to follow IRS Form 8949 instructions and provide the required information to the Service. This is the general definition of the form. Please read below to learn more about tax form 8949 2022 procedures.

The Purpose of IRS Form 8949

Every time an individual exchanges or sells an asset, they need to report a federal income tax return transaction. For the purpose of IRS 8949 Form for 2022, assets include artworks, land, stocks, and more. Document is used exactly for reporting transactions on the federal income tax return. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about profit or loss or how long- or short-term the transaction is; the requirement to submit an IRS Form 8949 PDF or printed copy applies.


It is a good idea to have a document filled out for you to refer to while entering the necessary information. The two-page document consists of several sections (described in the appropriate paragraph below), so filling it out is unlikely to take you less than thirty minutes if you have been selling and/or exchanging assets a lot. Form 8949 2022 instructions provide for electronic and paper submission. These can be found on the IRS website.

Get a Printable IRS Form 8949

The easiest way to fill out the asset disposition blank is to get a form 8949 PDF that contains fillable data fields. With fillable documents PDFs can be found online. If you want to submit a paper copy of document, print it out and enter the necessary information by hand. Alternatively, use an online PDF editor to fill out and sign the document online.

The Parts Constituting

  • Part I is for short-term transactions, i.e. those that happened less than 12 months after the respective asset was acquired.
  • Part II is for long-term transactions, i.e. those happening after at least a year following the acquisition of the asset.

Federal Tax Form 8949 FAQ

  • What other forms do I submit when filing document?
    When reporting a transaction on federal income tax return following capital asset sales or exchange, you’ll also need to fill out and submit Schedule D of tax 1040 and 1099-B.
  • Where can I find a tax form 8949 printable PDF?
    One place to look for a printable document copy is a PDF editor’s document library, as such libraries often contain a selection of IRS and other forms used for tax reporting and in other domains. You can also get a copy from the IRS’s official website.

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